Assessment for Hypermobility, Lincoln

Assessment for Hypermobility, Lincoln

Workstation Assessment for Hypermobility Syndrome

A director of a local business in Lincoln had back, neck and elbow problems for many years. Recently she had been diagnosed as having Hypermobility Syndrome, find out more, so she decided to see if an Ergonomic Assessment of her workstation could reduce some of the problems she was having while at work.

Hypermobility syndrome can affect joints such as the hips and back but also the skin, eyes and chest or abdominal pain due to weaker connective tissue that supports these structures. Find out more about hypermobility syndrome. CA Ergonomics sent a detailed questionnaire to evaluate all the problems she had encountered with her hypermobility syndrome over the years. This ensured all aspects that might be contributing to her difficulties were identified. Following a brief interview on the history and pattern of her symptoms a detailed investigation of her workstation was carried out. Reviewing work techniques and layout identified some easy changes that could lead to a reduction in her neck and arm symptoms.

Results of a Workstation Assessment for Hypermobility

By understanding the load she was placing on her body with her techniques and demonstrating alternative ways of working a big improvement in comfort could be achieved. In fact just 24 hours after implementing some of the recommendations she stated that ‘she was surprised the difference it made’.


“What a difference all the advice has made – thank you!”

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