Complex Workstation Assessment – Maidenhead

Complex Workstation Assessment – Maidenhead

The head of Human Resources at a large multi-national company developed neck, shoulder and right hand pain over a two year period. Despite seeking professional advice from her company doctor, her GP, an orthopaedic clinic, receiving treatment on the NHS and having a DSE assessment at work, the problem was not resolving.

It was decided a thorough investigation of all risk factors would be undertaken with a Complex Workstation Assessment, a Musculoskeletal Assessment, and an Ergonomic Driver Assessment. The assessments took nearly 3 hours to complete. The company received a report on issues regarding the workplace and the client herself received a separate report detailing the history, management and possible treatment options which she could discuss with her GP. The client felt a thorough assessment had identified all the possible triggers and risk factors and enabled her to develop an effective strategy to manage the problem in the future.

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After two years of suffering joint pain, and after numerous trips to the doctor, the osteopath, and a course of physiotherapy had failed to provide any lasting relief, my Company engaged the services of CA Ergonomics. Their expert was much more thorough and practical than any of the other professionals I had consulted.

From the photos it was clear that my computer set up was putting a strain on my shoulder and wrist which had not been identified by anybody before. This was followed up by a very comprehensive written report to my Company, which is now investing in a couple of modified pieces of equipment at very modest cost.

I was most impressed with CA Ergonomics. I am now much more optimistic about a pain-free future.

HR Manager

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