Driver Ergonomic Assessment, London

Driver Ergonomic Assessment, London

Car Assessment for Manager with Back Pain

Managing Back Pain for Drivers

A manager in a large national charity had a history of back pain which he managed without too much trouble until he was issued with a new company car. The new car had a different seat shape and pedal layout and the manager found that his back pain was aggravated after only an hour of driving. The company requested an Ergonomic Driver Assessment from CA Ergonomics.

Driver Ergonomic Assessment

The assessment showed the lack of seat adjustment, seating posture, seat shape, pedal layout, and pedal techniques were all contributing to the increase in symptoms. Recommendations for the existing car were made to the manager’s sitting posture including ergonomic training in pedal and driving techniques. The design issues that could not be altered were discussed along with alternatives to ensure selecting and choosing suitable company cars in the future was based on informed choices.


“I wasn’t sure what benefit I might get from my driver assessment, but I found the assessor genuinely interested in my situation and keen to explore what might help improve things. The discussion and report has helped pinpoint the likely aggravating factors, possible required changes and provided some immediate help with improved seating position. Quick, painless and helpful – thank you!”

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