DSE & Musculo-skeletal Assessment, Grantham

DSE & Musculo-skeletal Assessment, Grantham

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Neck & Back Pain in Office Workers

The Problem

A small charity in Grantham had a number of permanent administrative staff complaining of neck and back pain. A DSE Risk Assessment had been undertaken by the in-house Health & Safety Officer but he was unable to resolve the problems.

The Solution

It was decided that it would be appropriate to engage a professional Ergonomic Consultant and CAe was engaged. In discussion with the employes and Management DSE & Musculoskeletal Assessment would be the most suitable intervention as all 4 members of staff could be assessed within an afternoon. CAe undertook a thorough assessment of all the issues associated with the staffs’ existing health problems.

The solutions were relatively easy to implement and focused on the individual’s posture, working techniques, chair adjustments or equipment layout. Individualised guidance and advice to the employees were provided and most of the issues were resolved on-site the same day with minimal expenditure on new equipment