Ergonomic DSE User Training – Derby

Ergonomic DSE User Training – Derby

A small high-tech communications company was keen to prevent health problems from constant computer work among its staff. They had considered an on-line training programme but felt that their staff were unlikely to engage or learn from these programmes.

With only 25 office staff it was decided to provide an ergonomist-led training programme which taught individuals how to organise and assess the suitability of their own workstation. The delegates took their own chair, keyboard and mouse into the training session to allow for more interactive work and discussions.

After the training session each member of staff spent time at their own workstation implementing any changes they had learnt from the training session. The ergonomist spent time visiting each individual in turn to discuss the various options and identify which were most appropriate.

The two training sessions were conducted over the course of one day and everyone felt they had learnt new skills and knowledge to help prevent simple problems that can occur with constant computer use.

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