Functional Capacity Evaluation, Coventry

Functional Capacity Evaluation, Coventry

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A large multi-national company had a number of employees off on long term sick leave. Due to recent changes in the government funding of incapacity benefits these employees wanted to return to work. The employer was keen to ensure the employees would be able to manage their work after a significant absence and would not be at risk of further injury


CA Ergonomics was asked to provide Functional Capacity Evaluation on the employees, all had Upper Limb Problems such as Tennis Elbow, Shoulder Rotator Cuff and Neck Pain. The employees underwent a Functional Capacity Evaluation with the Jtech computerised system. This system provides a full evaluation including fitness, grip, strength of all the muscles affected, in addition to detailed evaluation of lifting capacity and manual handling tasks. The evaluation process effectively demonstrates how well the employee can lift in various positions and what weight they could safely manage at work. As a result of the Functional Capacity Evaluation there were clear guidelines as to what each individual could manage. The company decided that most but not all the employees were able to return to work, and they were pleased to have accurate evidence to back up their decision.

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