Mobile Worker Risk Assessment, Manchester

Mobile Worker Risk Assessment, Manchester

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Mobile Worker Risk Assessment Manchester

A subsidary company of a US were required to change the way their Field Workers operated. Previously their field worker worked mainly from home and spent short periods in the field gathering data. However, following the implementation of new software the field workers were expected to change the way they worked to both collect and input the data in the field. This would involve spending a considerable part of the day working on the laptop in the car.

The cars were fitted with laptop stands in the passenger footwell, as shown here, and the field workers were expected to spend the greater part of their day sitting in their cars and working at the computer. The company was concerned that there might be some problems with the new style of working and they wanted to ensure that they had undertaken the correct proceedures in terms of addressing any health and safety concerns.

Three Steps to Managing Mobile Workers Health & Safety

Following discussions with their Health & Safety Manager, CA Ergonomics developed a comprehensive package to ensure full compliance by the company.

  • A Risk Assessment Form was developed to ensure the company had complied with all the legislation.
  • A Health & Safety Information Booklet was developed to provide information to the Field Workers on the company’s policy to aspects of Health & Safety.
  • A Training package for the Field Representative Manager to deliver was developed using specific guidance and ergonomic advice

The training programme involved spending time with a Field Worker to understand the practicalities of the job and to identify working techniques. As a result the Manager felt that the company had satisfied their responsibilities and done all they could to address the risks and identify best practices for field workers.

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