Rehabilitation for Back Pain – Sheffield

Rehabilitation for Back Pain – Sheffield

Rehabilitation for Back Pain

The client was an engineer team leader in a production company. His work was largely sedentary and involved considerable office work including prolonged computer use. He had a history of intermittent low back pain over the past 5 years.

For no particular reason the pain became worse despite receiving 8 sessions of physiotherapy and further osteopathy treatment. Eventually he was unable to work and took 4 months sick leave.

At this stage he was referred to CAe for an initial assessment, including a biopsychosocial evaluation. He began on a functional restoration programme that involved 7 sessions including a workplace assessment.

He was able to return to work on a structured rehabilitation programme over a period   of 3 months after which he returned to full duties.
A year later he has had no further absence due to back pain and has been able to return to full social and leisure activities.