RSI & Computer Training, London

RSI & Computer Training, London

RSI and Computer Use

A small social enterprise in London with just over 20 employees had two employees with RSI or upper limb problems from using computers. The company wanted help to manage these problems as well as to ensure that future problems were prevented. CA Ergonomics was asked to provide an RSI training session for all members of staff to ensure they were aware of how to prevent health problems from computer use.

RSI Training and DSE Risk Assessments

CAe’s ergonomist provided RSI Training together with DSE User Training to all the staff. This was followed by specific musculo-skeletal assessments on the two employees with arm pain andd DSE Risk Assessments were completed on the rest of the staff.

During the day it was obvious that many of the arm rests on the chairs were causing problems with sitting comfortably and where they were a problem, they were very quickly removed. The day also highlighted that many of the staff worked from home and they had not been provided with the necessary equipment to work comfortably away from the office. All the staff felt the day had been beneficial, they had learnt how to make their own workplaces suitable and were able to work more comfortably.

RSI Training Testimonial

“Thanks for yesterday – the team found it really helpful” – Financial Director

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