Seating Assessment Nottingham

Seating Assessment Nottingham

The Problem

The client was a financial controller for a medium sized business who had injured her back in a fall a couple of months earlier. Despite treatment for her back pain it was being aggravated on a daily basis by sitting at work and driving. Her office chair in particular was not comfortable for longer than 20 mins and she was finding it difficult to concentrate on her work


CAe undertook a Workplace Seating Assessment to identify the issues with the chair and the main source of discomfort. The assessment included including

  • seat density
  • chair dimensions
  • chair adjustments
  • chair features
  • and working postures.

The CAe Ergonomic Assessor was able to identify which chair features would make sitting more comfortable and which ones would have no impact. The assessor suggested a number of chairs and models within different price ranges that would be suitable for the financial controller. It was also identified that the company had not undertaken any DSE assessments and that an appropriate H&S programme should be put in place.

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