Disability Management

With one in five adults developing a disability during their working lives the chances are if you are an employor you will need have a system to manage disabilities. If you’re not effectively supporting people with disabilities then you are not making the most of your staff and could be in breach of the disability discrimination act (DDA).

What benefits can you expect from managing disabilities better?

As a business you can expect to see benefits in number of areas from better staff retention to a reduction in the number of insurance claims. We know that companies that do not provide the necessary support for employees with disabilities have four times as many compensation claims.

What steps should you take to improve your disability management?

There are three main ways to provide effective disability management including training for staff involved in recruitment and management of employees, additional support for staff with disabilities through disability assessments, and implementing reasonable adjustments. If you think you need professional help with training, assessment or implementing adjustments than call CA Ergonomics now.

Disability Training

  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Introduction to the DDA
  • Managing Disabled Employees
  • Implementing Reasonable Adjustments

Disability Assessments

  • Disability Workstation Assessment
  • Reasonable Adjustment Assessment
  • Specialist Seating Assessment
  • Adaptive Technology Assessment

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