Driver Ergonomics

Driver Ergonomics

Driver Ergonomics

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your drivers?

Driving can be a risk factor in developing back pain whether its from long hours sitting, lifting and carrying items in and out of the car or using a laptop in an awkward position. CA Ergonomics provides a range of driver ergonomic services to help keep your business and drivers on track. Select a services below or contact us now.

Driver Ergonomic Assessments

Many drivers have significant problems with back and neck pain. For specialist driver ergonomics assessments including car seat ergonomics, and working from the car. Find out about our Driver Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Training for Drivers – 1/2 Day

Ergonomic Training for Drivers

Ergonomic training can help reduce the impact of driving and prevent problems from back and neck pain. Learn how to reduce the effects of prolonged sitting with Driver Ergonomic Training

Van/HGV Ergonomic Assessment

Health Assessments for Drivers

Van/HGV assessments can help reduce absence and lost time from injuries and ill-health. Find out more if you Vans are suitable for your drivers and the work they do Van/HGV Assessments

Mobile Worker H&S Assessments

If you need help with H&S Assessments for mobile workers, whether its in the home, or out in the field then check out our comprehensive Mobile Workers H&S Assessments

Using ergonomics to keep drivers on the road?

Pain and discomfort will make it difficult for your staff to be effective at their job and may result in days lost through absence. Using ergonomics you can reduce the risks of employees developing discomfort from driving, whether its from a car, a delivery van or heavy goods vehicle. CA Ergonomics can provide both individual or company wide driver risk assessments, ergonomic training for drivers and individual health assessments to keep your drivers on the road.

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