Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment

Driver Ergonomics Assessment

Driver Ergonomics Assessment

We provide a range of Driver Ergonomics Assessments to choose from.

1.Standard Driver Ergonomics Assessment

Driving for long periods can be associated with back and neck pain. Our standard Driver Ergonomics Assessments are designed to assist all drivers who are looking for greater comfort while travelling.

Our ergonomic experts provide guidance and advice on sitting posture and driving techniques, the use of back supports and seating adjustments.

The benefits of a Car Ergonomic Assessment

Following a Vehicle Ergonomic Assessment your drivers will understand the most effective ways to improve their sitting comfort and performance at work. It should be remembered that it can take up to 6 weeks to feel the full benefit of an Ergonomic Car Assessment and to become accustomed to the changes in posture and driving position. You can expect

  • improvements in comfort while sitting and driving
  • driving techniques which decrease pain and discomfort
  • knowledge of seating adjustments to improve sitting comfort and driving tolerance

2. In-depth Driver Ergonomics Assessment

Our in-depth Driver Ergonomic Assessment is designed for clients with chronic neck, shoulder, back or hip pain. An in-depth Driver Ergonomics assessment will provide guidance and advice for an individual’s disability as well as make recommendations regarding suitable vehicles and possible alternative seating options.

What does an In-depth Vehicle Ergonomic Assessment involve?

A comprehensive Vehicle Ergonomic Assessment will ensure that all aspects of vehicle design are evaluated and factors contributing to pain and discomfort identified. A full assessment will cover the following aspects

  • Individual musculoskeletal assessment
  • Evaluation of driver car seat
  • Driving posture evaluation
  • Seating adjustments
  • Positioning of steering wheel, pedals and gear stick
  • Manual Handling in and out of the car
  • Storage of business equipment in cars
  • Use of back supports and adjustments
  • Work techniques to reduce discomfort
  • Work Scheduling

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