Ergonomic Training

Ergonomic Training

Driver Ergonomic Training – 1/2 Day

Concerned about health risks for your drivers?

Pain and discomfort will make it difficult for your staff to be effective at their job and may result in time off work. You can address the risk of individuals developing discomfort from back and neck pain from driving with driver ergonomic training.

How does ergonomics benefit your drivers?

Driver Ergonomic training will provide your drivers with an understanding of the health risks of driving and ways to work without putting unnecessary strain on themselves. The training will focus on developing their skills and knowledge to help them improve their comfort and performance.

Driver Ergonomic Training

To get the most of our programmes our Driver Ergonomics Programme also provides additional health advice for drivers. Our health professional will show them how to prevent problems developing, when to take breaks, exercises they can do, as well as general lifestyle improvements.

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Driver Ergonomic Training Programme

  • How to adjust your car seat
  • Driving posture
  • Working from a car -using a laptop
  • Dealing with storage issues in your car
  • Manual handling in and our of cars
  • Ways to deal with working in a cramped position
  • Lifestyle changes to improve health


We would like you to provide a Training Room on-site, with:

  • Appropriate seating for the delegates.
  • A typical fleet car for the practical session.
  • A laptop and equipment that would usually be stored and handled in the car
  • A writing board or similar.


A maximum of 8-10 people per training session
Travel costs to site additional.

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