Van & HGV Assessments

Van & HGV Assessments

Van & HGV Ergonomic Assessment

We provide a range of Driver Ergonomic Assessments to choose from.

1. Static Van & HGV Ergonomic Assessment

Driving for long periods can be associated with back and neck pain. Our Static Driver Ergonomic Assessments are designed to help drivers achieve greater comfort while travelling.

Our ergonomic experts provide guidance and advice on driving posture and seating adjustment, the fit of the driver’s dimensions to the cabin and the driver’s seat and access and reach within the cabin.

The benefits of a Static Van & HGV Assessment

Following a VAN/HGV Ergonomic Assessment both the drivers and the organisation will have a greater understanding of the match between the Van selected and the fit to both the drivers, and the work they undertake from the van.

2. On-the-road Van & HGV Ergonomic Assessment

Our On-the-Road Driver Ergonomic Assessment is designed for drivers with problems operating pedals or with difficulties reaching controls and manoeuvring in the cab. Our assessors will go out on the road for 15-20 minutes to observe driving technique and operations within the cab.

When to use an On-Road Van & HGV Ergonomic Assessment involve?

A On-Road Van & HGV Ergonomic Assessment will ensure that all aspects of vehicle design are evaluated that could contributing to pain and discomfort. Habits and techniques that have developed over time can be assessed more accurately with time spent on the road driving than with a static assessment.

  • Individual musculoskeletal assessment
  • Evaluation of fit for Van/HCV drivers seat
  • Driving posture evaluation
  • Seating adjustments
  • Positioning of steering wheel, pedals and gear stick
  • Manual Handling in and out of the Van/HGV
  • Storage of equipment in Van/HGV
  • Adjustments within the cabins
  • Driving techniques
  • Work Scheduling

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