10 Best Accessories for a Laptop

10 Best Accessories for a Laptop

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1.Laptop Bag

If you’re a frequent traveller, then a decent protective case will help protect it from everyday knocks and drops and make it easier to carry

2. Travel Mouse

If you spend long hours using your laptop, an external mouseis more comfortable than the built-in touchpad, especially for long-term use.


A monitor lets you turn your machine into a proper desktop PC once you get into the home. A bigger screen is better for multi-tasking, and safer for your back.

4. External keyboard

You’ll also be needing a keyboard for use in the home –
simply plug in along with your mouse and monitor and you’ll have every bit as much comfort as you would with a desktop PC, with the ability to disconnect everything and take your machine with you.

5. External hard drive

The data on your laptop is crucial and much  easier to lose when you are on the move. Invest in a good hard drive so you can make sure all your files are backed up safe and sound at home or in the office.

6. Earphones

If you watch movies or listen to music on the move, then a good pair of noise isolating earphones will help you to avoid disturbing your fellow passengers..

7. Laptopt Stand

If you work from home and don’t have a PC screen or docking station then a laptop stand is essential. It will allow you to work without straining your neck and shoulders but you will need an external mouse and keyboard.

8. USB encrypted memory stick

A USB memory stick is a vital accompaniment for your laptop, letting you carry all your work and then backup your file when you are on the move. If your laptop is stolen, lost or broken, your files will still be safely on your memory stick andi f your memory stick is encrypted then if it is lost, your data is safe.

9. USB hub

One of the big problems with smaller laptops can be a lack of ports, which can be solved by using a USB hub. A hub can add additional ports, so you can add all of your peripherals at the same time, even if you are using cloud computing

10.Laptop dock

If you want the larger screen of a desktop aswell as an external keyboard and mouse, then a docking station is the ideal solution.  You will have the external screen at the right height and the comfort of using a full-sized keyboard and mouse.