Dirty Keyboards – what to do

Dirty Keyboards – what to do

Heard the news about our dirty keyboards? Some of you might be quite surprised about the results but actually it’s a useful reminder…..

For those of you who didn’t read or hear the article telling us that keyboards are as filthy as a loo seat, you can read about our dirty office here

If the keyboard is dirty its probably because of our own hygiene habits. We know that everyone carries loads of bacteria under our nails and in our mouths. So if you eat and drink while working at the computer you are constantly transferring them to the keyboard. Of course the keyboard is not the easiest item to clean and most of us have more exciting things to do with our time but if you want to remove the build up of dust, grime and bacteria than make sure you turn off the computer before using approved computer cleaning fluid.

Another important way to keep your keyboard clean that takes even less time and no doubt one your mother would have told you. Always wash your hands after going to the toilet, wash them if you can after eating and try to avoid eating at the desk. This has much wider health implications because moving away from the desk to eat you lunch allows you a change of posture, gives your body much needed movement and help to reduce eye fatigue from looking at a screen for long periods not to mention having a significant impact on keeping your keyboard cleaner. An all round winner!


  • Don’t eat at the computer
  • Leave your desk at lunch-time
  • Wash your hands regularly after eating/toilet etc
  • Clean the keyboard occasionally