Do you lift your index finger when using the mouse?

Do you lift your index finger when using the mouse?

Now which of you indulge in finger lifting behaviour when using a mouse?

No its no joke. Some research has been done on mouse techniques and students and its shown that people tend to rest their hand on their mouse and hold their second or third fingers up in the air. You might say you can’t see that as being a problem after all its not dissimilar to the habit of drinking a cup of tea with the little finger sticking out…. but of course most of us don’t drink tea to the same extent that we use our mouse. And there in lies the problem

It seems finger lifting behaviour is just one in a range of poor mouse techniques that can lead to problems. Its thought that we start to lift our fingers off the mouse to avoid accidently clicking the buttons and eventually we get in the habit of holding our hands in that position all the time.

This is likely to result in tension in the muscles along the back of the hand and fingers and these muscles are quite little and fatigue easily. The reason people are often unaware that it might even be causing a problem is that the finger doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

And now I am going to tell you it is. Just holding such a finger position requires muscle tension that builds up the longer you hold this position. And it’s the length of time you hold it that is crucial and why you don’t want to develop a habit of holding you fingers off the mouse. Before you know it you will be holding your finger like that for hours and wondering what on earth is the matter with the back of you hand.

So look at your mouse techniques, see how you hold your hand and fingers and treat them with respect, give them a proper rest, get into the habit of removing your hand off the mouse completely or at least resting your fingers when not using it.