Is lugging your laptop a chore?

Is lugging your laptop a chore?

Mobile working may sound great. After all you can keep in contact with the office where-ever you are, on the road, from the airport, in a cafe. But unless you take care the benefit of instant communication can come at a cost to your physical health.

Afterall its not just the laptops you need nowadays but PDAs, printers, phone chargers, spare battery pack, cables etc. With all these extras its not surprising its a challenge just to cart them around.
There are a few things to remember. Choose a laptop that is only what you need not bigger or larger or faster as these weight more. The more you carry your laptop around the more important it is to have a lightweight one. Leave anything you definitely wont need behind i.e. either take a power lead or a spare battery whichever you need but not both. Check out our laptop guide to make sure you get one that just right for you. When you buy your laptop buy a suitable carrying case. See our 5 point guide of laptop backpacks.

5 Tips on Using a Laptop Backpack

1.Keep the heaviest item around your waist level – nearer your centre of gravity and pack the back pack so everything sits evenly. It really does require less effort to wear a well packed bag.

2. Always use two shoulder strap bags. The fashion for one strap back packs should stay on the cat walk. A bag carried unevely places considerably more load on the neck and shoulder area than one which is balanced evenly.

3.Choose padded shoulder straps for comfort. Thin straps concentrate the load into a smaller area. Spread it around with wider padded straps.

4.Using a backpack with a handle and wheels so its works as trolley has both good and bad points. It can be useful if you are travelling long distances such as along corridors in airports where you can pull it along. However, if you have to manage stairs and escalators or manoeuvre around tight spaces, such as in the underground than it can be a bit awkward. Although you can wear these as a back pack the extra wheels and handle do add significantly to the weight you have to carry so its best to buy the style you need – either a trolley version or a back pack.

5.If you ever need to carry your laptop long distances you really ought to have a back pack with a hip strap. These usually come with padding around the low back for comfort.