Is your Mouse causing Shoulder Pain?

Is your Mouse causing Shoulder Pain?

How can using a mouse in your hand give you shoulder and neck pain?

After all if you’re using the mouse in your hand you would expect to have wrist or hand pain, wouldn’t you! Well some people do get wrist and hand pain but you can also get shoulder pain. It just depends on the technique you use with your mouse. If you are like most people you probably aren’t even aware that you have a technique. You just got given a mouse and start using it.

Even something as simple as using a mouse can be made much more comfortable with a little training, Firstly, you need to look at where on the desk does your hand rest on the mouse. The most likely cause of shoulder pain from using a mouse is that you are letting the mouse drift too far to the side or too far in front of you.

So where should you put your mouse?

1. The ideal position is to use the mouse so your hand is directly in line with your shoulder. This usually means working with the mouse as close as possible to the keyboard. Check you don’t let the mouse drift away from you during the working day.

Five ways to reduce the strain on your shoulder from mouse work

1. Take regular breaks from using the mouse

2. Use a mouse that doesn’t move on the desk i.e. a trackball, evoluent, marble

3. Use the mouse less by making better use of keyboard.shortcuts.

4. Use the mouse in your left hand to give your right arm and shoulder a rest.

5. Use a mini keyboard so the mouse is positioned closer towards you


If you use a contoured mouse such as a trackball or evoluent they can only be used in one hand and cannot be transfer between left and right hand.