Is Your Mouse Causing You Arm Pain

Is Your Mouse Causing You Arm Pain

So you think using the mouse is aggravating your arm pain?

Well if you think it does than you’re probably right? Apparently 40% of people think repetitive tasks and keying gives them problems.

What to do about the mouse?

This is the tricky bit. Many people would just go out and buy any one of the different styles of mouse that is on the market, say a grip, a trackball, an evoluent or. Read here for more information about the different type of mouse available.

But this is only one option and it doesn’t really address the cause. You need to be thinking ‘what is the real cause of your problem’? Is it a particular movement, posture or action that you do with the mouse that’s affecting your comfort. Otherwise you will take whatever habits gave you the problem in the first place and just use them with a different mouse. Not a good recipe for success.

8 Reason why people can develop arm pain with using a mouse

• Is your mouse position too far away from the keyboard
• Is it the way you move your wrist from side to side
• Are you resting on the arms rest of a chair while you use your mouse
• Are your sitting at the right height – too high and you tend to lean on the heel of your hand when using the mouse.
• Are you simply gripping the mouse too tightly
• Are you doing a lot of click and drag actions with your mouse
• Are you holding your finger off the mouse when your hand is resting on it?
• Is the software you use predominately menu based and do you use the mouse continuously? ( see our ergobits on short cut keys)

These are things you need to ask yourself. For more information on dealing with each of the problems follow the individual links.

If you still can’t find a solution than possibly you might need a different mouse.

For more information about the list of the features you might want to think about when buying a mouse.