Should you use a vibrating mouse?

Should you use a vibrating mouse?

And does a vbrating mouse reduce arm pain?

The Vibrating mouse was developed to help reduce hand and forearm pain as a result of poor mouse techniques. One of these habits is where we hold our hand and fingers constantly on the mouse even when we are not using it.

While it might not appear to be causing any problems, just holding your fingers and hand either in mid-air or resting your hand on the mouse, it is fatiguing especially for the small muscles of the hand. It reduces blood circulation and the lack of rest periods can lead to discomfort.

Research has shown that the position of your hand when using a mouse has a major affect on the amount of muscle work of your hand. You might think you aren’t using your mouse much but if you are holding your hand over the mouse or hovering as it’s called than you are using the muscles pretty much constantly.

Its one reason that rest breaks and mini pauses should be taken by computer users. It helps to ensure muscles and joints are given adequate breaks and it makes a big difference in the amount of discomfort at the end of the day

What is the best position for your fingers and hand when using a mouse.

Of the three positions generally used those at the top of the list put the most stress on the fingers and hands and are likely to cause the most problem.

  • Holding the hand just above the mouse put more force on the hand than even clicking and scrolling.
  • Holding the hand on the mouse puts higher forces on the hand than resting the hand on the desk
  • Resting the hand on the desk has the least muscle force.

So the best position is resting the hand on the desk when you are not actually using the mouse. And this is where the vibrating mouse is designed to help. It starts vibrating after 10secs if the hand is on or just above the mouse and the buttons or scroll wheel are not operated for more than 10 s. The vibration lasts just 4s until the mouse is clicked or the hand removed. The vibration does not react to cursor movement so stirring the mouse will not turn the vibration off you actually have to move your hand away.

The reason it vibrates?

To encourage you to take your hand off the mouse and rest it on the desk when you are not using it.

Although this seems like a good idea there isn’t any evidence that it actually affect either discomfort or productivity but if you think you have developed one of these poor working habits it might be one way to get out of the habit. Afterall its thought using a mouse for more than 10-20 hours a week might be risk factor in developing symptoms.

Of course the chances are that you might find it a distraction while you are working but I guess it depends on how much you think your hand positions are causing your problem and whether you need to do something about it.

Other factors that can contribute to hand pain are

  • the position of the mouse on the desk
  • techniques such as gripping too tightly