The distance you put your monitor depends on its size

The distance you put your monitor depends on its size

The distance you place your monitor or screen is not necessarily the same as your neightbours!

Most of the guidelines on the placement of computer monitors offer the standard rule of thumb that you should position the screen at about an arm’s distance away. So if you stretch your arm forward from your usual sitting position than you should be just able to touch the screen. However this doesn’t take into account recent technological changes.

When should you consider a placing your monitor at a different position

Previously people used a 15” CRT screen for many years so one rule covered most situations, but nowadays there is a large range of different sized FLT or flat screen monitors. Fortunately these screens take up considerably less space than the older screens so there is more scope to use larger screens. But with the increasing variability in size so too is their variability in the position of your monitor. Generally speaking the larger the screen, the further away it should be. If you work with multiple monitors than the distance will depend on the layout and arrangement you have.

Checkout the following guidelines.

To find out the size of your screen you take a measurement diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner. Measurements for the distance are taken from the individual’s eyes to the computer screen.

The Distance you put your monitor depends on its size

15” 55-75 cm

17” 60-85cm

19” 70-95cm

21” 75-110cm

Getting a comfortable viewing distance is important in helping reduce visual fatigue so play around to get the screen right for you.

Remember the larger the size and the greater the number of monitors the more head movement will be required to read from them.