Which document holder is right for you?

Which document holder is right for you?

How do you choose the right document holder ?

There are a number of reasons where you might consider using one.

  • If you have document all over your desk creating disorder,
  • If you find yourself reaching around documents to use the keyboard or
  • If your neck and shoulders are aching from constantly bending over documents, than you might find a document holder useful.

There are 3 main types of document holder and each have their advantages and disadvantages. It really just depends on the work you do and the area you have to do it in. Remember to buy the document holder appropriate for the work you do for most of the time.

1. Holders that attach to your computer screen.

These are really only useful for touch typists who do not need to look at their hands while typing. They are also only useful for a couple of sheets of paper so of no help if you have books, ledgers or large files you need to flick through.
Advantage:Take up very little desk room so can be useful if space is at a premium.

Disadvantage: Only hold a couple of A4 sheets so depending on your task they may need changing frequently. They can be awkward to keeping changing the sheets as you are reaching with an outstretched hand at shoulder height repeatedly.

If you need to look at the keyboard while you key than you will have to keep moving your head up and down between the document holder and the keyboard.

2. Holders that sit on the desk

There are small light weight ones available and sturdier more solid document holders There range of styles vary from vertical stands to wide shelf style holder.

The larger document holders will accommodate large ledgers and at least two sheets of A4 side by side so they fit open files. Its usually a trade-off between desk space and size of document you need to accommodate

Advantage: Will hold large and even heavy documents.

Disadvantage: They can take up quite a bit of the desk area and are often too bulky to lift on and off the desk throughout the day so you need to be happy to have it permanently on the desk.

3. Holders that are suitable for reading and writing tasks

Do you need to write on the documents as well. If so you may need to consider a read + write document holder. These are designed so the top of the document holder slides down over the keyboard. In this way you can write on your document without having to move your keyboard out of the way, or twist to the side. When you have finished writing and want to go back to using the keyboard you just push the sliding surface back up

Advantage; Allow a more comfortable position for writing, reading and moving between writing and keying tasks.

Disadvantage: These document holders are designed to fit between the screen and the keyboard and they are at least 35cm in depth so you need a reasonably wide desk area to accommodate screen, document holder, keyboard and still have some desk space to rest your forearm.

What else is available

If you have limited room and want a document holder for the desk consider some of the simpler options available.

If you just need a book holder than there are small cost effective book holders for a fraction of the price.

If you just need a single sheet than a page-up holder may suffice.

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