Advanced Ergonomics

Advanced Ergonomics

Advanced Ergonomics Training Course- 3-5 Days

Summary of Advanced Ergonomics Training

This course is designed for Engineers, Occupational Health Advisors and Health + Safety Managers looking to develop new skills to reduce workplace injury and ill health. The course covers basic ergonomics, anthropometry, workplace layout and design and provides a range of assessment tools for measuring postural load, including RULA, NIOSH guidelines. A significant proportion of the course is allocated to identifying and assessing design issues in the workplace and training for this course is only available on-site with access to workstations or production areas.

Why choose CA Ergonomics for your Advanced Ergonomics Training?

  • Our ergonomists have significant hands-on, practical experience of managing ergonomic issues in a range of sectors from retail, warehousing, control room design, processing and manufacturing
  • We offer competitive rates on a wide range of ergonomic issues in the workplace.
  • Our courses can be specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of your business

Who should attend and Advanced Ergonomic Training Programme?

  • Line Leaders
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Health and Safety managers
  • Occupational Health Advisors

Advanced Ergonomics Programme

Day one

  • Legal responsibilities under the regulations
  • Health risks and performance issues
  • Measuring the cost to business
  • Principles of ergonomics
  • Assessing ergonomic issues in the workplace

Day two

  • Review of Day One
  • Postural load and assessment
  • Practical on Working Posture
  • Measuring Force and Repetition
  • Using RULA and REBA
  • Practical on Work Techniques

Day three

  • Review of Day Two Practical
  • Workplace design issues -lighting, noise, environment
  • Role of environmental issues on productivity
  • Case Studies of Addressing Environmental Issues
  • Mental aspects of work – work demands, control, support
  • Assessing a work organisation

Day four

  • Incorporating ergonomics into management processes
  • Implementing and planning ergonomics programme
  • Barriers to successful implementation
  • Overcoming obstacles to implementation
  • Case Studies of effective ergonomic programmes
  • Reviewing the ergonomic impact of changes


We would like you to provide a Training Room on-site, with:

  • Appropriate seating for the delegates.
  • A writing board or similar.
  • Access to take photos and videos on-site for use within the training package
  • Access to carry out practical assessments within your organisation
Prices from £345/person
A maximum of 8-10 people per training session
Travel costs to site additional

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