RSI Training Courses

RSI Training Courses

RSI Training

Ergonomics Awareness – ½ day

Prices from £65
Suitable for Managers, HR, Health + Safety Managers and Union reps who want to understand the ergonomic issues at work. The course covers causes of ill health and injury and the basic ergonomic principles aimed at prevention.

Preventing RSI Training – 1/2 Day Course

Prices from £65

User Training

This course is suitable to supervisors, HR personnel, H+S managers and anyone dealing with Upper Limb Disorders or RSI at work. The course covers the causes of ULD and demonstrates how to identify risk factors that contribute to ULD. This RSI Training course will provide information on the causes of RSI at work, guidance on ergonomic principles and effective use of ergonomics in the workplace to reduce problems with RSI and Upper Limb Disorders

RSI Training Programme

  • Legal responsibilities under the regulations
  • Causes of RSI and Upper Limb Disorders
  • Ergonomics and workplace design
  • Using Ergonomics in the workplace
  • Selecting tool and training to avoid RSI
  • Preventing RSI in the workplace
  • Managing employees with RSI
  • Best practice rehabilitation

Home Worker Training – 1/2 Day Course

Prices from £45
A half day practical workshop for home workers on using simple ergonomic principles. These skills are essential to both mobile staff who travel around and permanent home worers to prevent discomfort from computer and laptop use. If required a selection of equipment can be trialed at the training session.

Home Worker Training

  • Legal responsibilities under the regulations
  • The structure of the spine and wrist
  • Avoiding aches and pains
  • Causes of eyestrain and headaches
  • Avoiding fatigue and stress
  • Setting up the chair and equipment at home and on the move
  • Work organisation to improve performance
  • Choosing laptops and accessories for easier use.

Why choose CA Ergonomics?

We are one of the few companies that use qualified and experienced ergonomists to provide our Ergonomic Courses rather than trainers. That way you know our ergonomists have significant hands-on, practical experience in managing and preventing injuries in the workplace. It also allows our courses tobe specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of your business


We would like you to provide a Training Room on-site, with:
Appropriate seating for the delegates
A Nobo board or similar


Prices from as little as £45/person
A maximum of 12 people per training session
Travel costs to site additional.

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