Safer Manual Handling

Safer Manual Handling

Safer Manual Handling Training – 1/2 Day

Why do you need Manual Handling Training?

Manual Handling injuries account for a large number of back injuries, many of which result in long term absence from work. Taking steps to minimising back injuries can help reduce the impact of absence on your business and make a significant savings.

Reducing the risks of injuries at work?

One way reduce the risk of injuries is with Manual Handling Training. Manual Handling training will help your employees to take care of themselves and to help your organisation comply with Manual Handling legislation.

Using Professionals for your Manual Handling Training

All our trainers are qualified Occupational Physiotherapists and Ergonomists with over 8 years experience working in industry. They bring not only their professional knowledge but a full understanding of the impact of back injuries on people and the time it can take to recover.

CAe Trainers are experienced manual handlers and have developed their skills over many years in different settings so they are adept at problem solving and dealing with manual handling issues in the workplace.

CA Ergonomics provide manual handling training for small businesses up to large multi-nationals. We can tailor the course according to your operations, whether you need team lifting or the use of hoist and material handling aids. Our experts have dealt with musculoskeletal risks in all manner of settings from heavy commercial kitchens to manufacturing processes and construction work.

Manual Handling Training Course Aims

This half day training course will provide delegates with an understanding of the risks of manual handling operations and practice the skills needed to reduce the strain of lifting. The course covers all aspects of lifting, such as lowering, carrying, pushing, and pulling of loads as well as team lifts. This is a practical course that focuses on lifting and handling techniques in line with current best practice and access to the workplace for the practical element is recommended.

Who should attend a Manual Handling Course

The course is suitable for anyone who requires a basic awareness of safe manual handling techniques, particularly new employees or young adults with little experience, or where the Manual Handling Risk Assessment indicates that the employees maybe at risk of injury.

Manual Handling Course Duration

3 hours

What does a Manual Handling Course cover?

Delegates will be cover

  • Responsibilities under the Manual Handling Regs
  • The effects of lifting and handling on the spine and body
  • The causes of manual handling related injuries
  • The principles of load and balance as it relates to the human body
  • How to assess the manual handling situation & environment for risks
  • Practical session on safe handling techniques

How to arrange your professional Safer Manual Handling Course?

  • Call us for professional Manual Handling Training
  • Find out about Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • See our Manual Handling Case Study

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