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Risk Assessment

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

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Does your business need Manual Handling Risk Assessments?

If you have employees at risk of back injuries from their work then you need to ensure you have complied with H&S regulations. You are expected to take any necessary steps to protect your employees.

What are you doing to reduce injuries at work?

Manual Handling Risk assessments can help reduce injuries from lifting and carrying. These injuries result in significant distress to employees and are a major cause of absence to businesses. Around 10% of major injuries are linked to manual handling so if you are not managing your manual handling problems it is costing your organisation in terms of absence, claims and litigation.

What does a Manual Handling Risk Assessment involve?

A Manual Handling Risk assessment helps to ensure your work environment meets the minimum standards required by law. Ideally you will eliminate any manual handling tasks but if this is not possible you will need to undertake a Risk Assessment. The Risk Assessment will show if the work is putting your employees at risk of injury. You should ensure that the Risk Assessment covers all aspects of the work including the

  • Task – his there bending and twisting
  • Load – is it heavy or difficult to grip
  • Individual – is anyone susceptible due to health problems
  • Equipment – is it appropriate
  • Environment – difficulties due to poor lighting, unstable floor

Where do you start with managing Manual Handling Injuries?

    • See if you need to do a Manual Handling Risk Assessment. The HSE Guideline Chart can help you to see if staff are lifting loads under reasonable conditions.
    • If you are not sure download a Manual Handling Risk Assessment or try the HSE MAC tool

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  • Ensure staff are training in safe Manual Handling especially new starters and young adults with little experience

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When to use an Ergonomist for Manual Handling Assessments

Many simple Manual Handling Risk assessments can be dealt with effectively by staff who have undergone appropriate training. However, sometimes the operation can be complicated due to processes and other aspects of the working environment. In these situations professional with expertise in selecting and using more advanced tools can help identify the root cause and the range of possible solutions.

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