Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Manual Handling Course

Are you spending a fortune on external trainers?

Complying with the Manual Handling Regs means providing training to all employees whose work involves lifting carrying and handling goods. If your organisation has a number of employees involved in this work than the costs can be high if you use external trainers to provide the training.

Develop your own expertise with in-house trainers

More and more businesses are moving their training in-house. By using their own staff they can develop the skills and expertise of their own workforce at a fraction of the expense of external trainers.

Not only is it are cost-effective, but it helps to develop a real training culture within your business, making sure that your future managers and leaders have the skills and knowledge they need – and that they know how to pass them on!

Choosing your professional Manual Handling Trainer

CAe has developed a reputation for delivering quality training programmes. We run our courses with a strong practical element to ensure your staff have the best possible skills to deliver Manual Handling training. CA Ergonomic trainers are all qualified Chartered Physiotherapists with additional expertise in ergonomics and occupational health & safety. Our trainers have over 8 years experience and have been involved in assessing and solving manul handling issues in a range of sectors.

In-House Manual Handling Train the Trainer

In-House Manual Handling Training is suitable if you have between 5-12 staff who require training. The courses are run on-site with a strong focus on manual handling scenarios which can be tailored to your organisation.

Manual Handling Train the Trainer courses are suitable for any organisation where safe handling of material and goods is required. It is appropriate for most sectors such as manufacturing, office, construction and logistics but not where patient handling is required.

Who should attend

The workshop is suitable for staff who are responsible for training employees to lift and handle goods safely at work.The course is designed for people who have already attended a manual handling course and who are looking for additional skills that will allow them to provide effective training within their own organisation.

Delegates need to ensure that they are fit enough to attend this course (able to perform simple handling tasks at different level) as there are important practical sessions that need to be covered.

What does the Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course involve

The course will equip participants with the skills to deliver a short training session in an effective manner. Our course material will cover the design and delivery of a manual handling training programme.

All delegates will be issued with
• Course Manual
• CD with slide suggestions
• Sample test
• Practical assessment sheet
• Suggested Risk assessment template

Manual Handling Train the Train Course Content

  • Assess training and training needs
  • Create training objectives for individual organisations
  • Select and design appropriate training and delivery materials
  • Plan and deliver a moving and handling training session
  • Evaluating training courses

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