Occupational Health Assessments

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Are you looking for professional independent medical advice?

If you need information on your employees whether its after an injury, an illness, or an absence than CAe can provide specialist occupational health assessments and reports.

What does an independent medical opinion offer?

Professional health advisors can provide guidance and advice to employers. As an employer you need to know if an employee is fit to do the job and whether you need to take further action to support them in the workplace.

What can you expect from our reports?

Minimising the length of absence is important and we know you want prompt reports and detailed information. We aim to provide reports within 3 days of the assessment and ensure our reports address all your concerns. Our reports cover:

  • Practical advice to comply with Disability legislation
  • Access specialist information with the informed consent of your employee
  • Detailed report including fitness to work and future issues
  • Specific rehabilitation plans and return to work programmes
  • Reasonable recommendations about individual cases including referrals to specialist services

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Our registered health professionals can undertake health assessments at a convenient location including on-site, off-site or if arranged, a home-visit. Our specialist occupational physicians, nurses and physiotherapists can provide a range of Fit for Work or job specific assessments.

Occupational Health Assessments

  • Sickness Absence
  • Ill health retirement
  • Disability Assessments
  • Reasonable Adjustments Guidance

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