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What are Fit for Work Medicals?

Fit for Work Medicals help to determine if an employee is suitable for a specific job. For examples eyesight testing in Fork Lift Truck Medicals or personal hygiene in Food Handler Medicals.

How do Fit For Work Medicals benefit your business?

Providing Fit for Work Medicals help employers decide who is fit for the job and demonstrates importance you place on the health of your employees. It is also an effective way to prevent problems arising in the first place such as accidents with driving.

What information do you get from Fit for Work reports?

Fit for Work Medicals only provide information as to whether an employee is fit for the job. The report usually indicates one of three option:- fit for work, unfit for work or fit for work with adjustments.

Choose from our range of Fit for Work Assessments

  • Driver Medicals
  • Fork Lift Truck
  • Pre-employment
  • Pregnancy & Working Mother
  • Night worker
  • Food Handlers medical
  • Working at height

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