Sickness Absence

Sickness Absence

Concerned about the rising costs of absence?

If absence at work is a cause of concern whether its from back pain, stress or ill health then you may benefit from professional help. We know how frustrating absence can be to both a business in terms of productivity and the employees themselves.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand when it comes to managing health problems properly and getting an independent medical assessment can be a step in the right direction.

How health professionals can reduce absence costs?

CA Ergonomics can provide guidance and information on the most effective way to manage health problems at work. Whether thats through reasonable adjustments, a detailed return to work programme or just giving good support to your employees.

CA Ergonomics has a track record in helping employees recover from period of ill-health and absence. We can provide a range of assessment services including on-site, off-site and home visits to ensure your employees receive the care they need.

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