Functional Capacity

Functional Capacity

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Looking for information about your employees’ fitness?

Do you need information on whether your employees are fit to work following an injury, a period of absence or after surgery? Would you like to know what jobs they can do, how much they can lift and whether as an employer you need to do anything to help them return to work.

How can a Functional Capacity Evaluation help?

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a designed to provide this information and we offer the latest in computerised testing and evaluation. Our system can provide a range of test such as strength, balance, fitness, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling tasks as well as hand dexterity and grip. At the end our computerised reports will tell you what work the employee could do, such as how much they could lift and how frequently.

Who would find a Functional Capacity Evaluation useful?

Anyone who needs to know the physical capabilities of an individual at work could benefit from a Functional Capacity Evaluation. If you want to consider a return to work and want to know whether they are fit for the job and whether they need further treatment or rehabilitation then we can provide you with the information

Download a Functional Capacity Leaflet with more information

Need a Functional Capacity at Home or Work?

We offer a mobile Functional Capacity Service around the Midlands and the North. If you need a home-visit, or a workplace visit than call us now or download a Functional Capacity Referral form.
Alternatively we can provide clinic appointments at our Nottingham Head Office in the Midlands.

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Would you like to arrange a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

If you would like to have a Functional Capacity Evaluation done then you simply need to complete a Functional Capacity Evaluation Referral form and email it back to us. The assessment will take place within 2 weeks of receipt of the referral and the report will be with you within 10 working days.

Functional Capacity Referral Form