On-site Treatment

On-site Treatment

On-site Physiotherapy Treatment

Are you concerned about absence from musculo-skeletal injuries at work?

Do you have problems with musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain at work? We know that musculo-skeletal injuries are a major cause of absence from work and a significant cost for businesses.

Not sure how to manage your musculo-skeletal injuries?

Many employers expect absent employees to recover by themselves or wait for a GP referral to NHS physiotherapy. However, long waiting times for treatment only results in even longer periods off work and at a considerable cost to businesses. The lack of progress can cause frustration for managers and anxiety for the employees. Doing nothing is expensive and the quickest way to reduce absence is with a fast, effective on-site treatment service.

Could your work benefit from On-site Physiotherapy?

Most musculoskeletal problems can be effectively managed with physiotherapy. The earlier you start treatment the quicker the recovery and the shorter the absence. By providing specialist on-site treatment you can reduce waiting times for NHS treatment, eliminate time employees take away from work to attend treatment and provide a faster return to work.

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Is Occupational physiotherapy in the workplace cost-effective?

Using physiotherapy to reduce absence has shown to provide a significant return on your investment. Typically you will save £4 for every £1 invested in our services. You can create the Occupational Physiotherapy package your business requires from a range of services including

• Fast track physiotherapy treatments
• ergonomic workplace assessments,
• fit for work assessments,
• return to work programmes
• injury prevention programmes

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Setting up an On-site Physiotherapy Service

Setting up an on-site physiotherapy services is surprisingly easy and cost effective. All we need is a private room with sufficient space for a desk, two chairs and a treatment couch. Often a First Aid room or something similar can be used. The times and hours of an on-site clinic can be arranged to suit the shifts and working patterns of your business.

Our staff are Chartered and Registered Physiotherapists with specialist skills in Occupational Health & Safety and Ergonomics, and eager to help your business reduce the cost of absence from injury.

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