Remote Services

Remote Services

Remote Physiotherapy & National Physiotherapy Network

National Network of Services

CA Ergonomics can provide a range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services nationally. So if you are a company with employees based all round the country and need a centralised system for managing injuries and return to work than we can help. Our system provides all employees and managers with the same level of treatment and reporting, regardless of their location.

Our head office together with our network of registered Physiotherapist can provide

  1. Telephone based assessment and support (Triage)
  2. Hands-on clinical assessment and treatment
  3. Bespoke, injury specific Exercise Rehabilitation Packs
  4. Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Telephone Based Physiotherapy Assessment and Support

Our specialists musculoskeletal physiotherapists can provide an immediate and dedicated service to your employees. Through our system of remote telephone based physiotherapy assessment and support we can help diagnose injuries and provide immediate support and guidance to jump start the recovery process. If necessary we can then refer them on for face to face treatment through our local Registered Network.

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Local Treatment based Service

Our network of registered Chartered Physiotherapists will provide your employees with professional treatment to ensure a faste recovery from injury and a speedier return to work. Our system will ensure all your employees receive prompt professional service with detailed reports for your managers.

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