Workstation Ergonomics

Workstation Ergonomics

Computer Workstation Ergonomics

With many employees now using a computer for much of their time at work its not surprising that some of them may develop health problems resulting in pain and suffering for the individual and lost time and productivity for the employer.

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WorkStation Risk Assessments

DSE Workstation

Help your staff to work comfortably and effectively through improved workplace layout and computer set-up. Choose from our Basic DSE Assessment through to our Complex Ergonomic Assessments Workstation Risk Assessments

DSE Assessor Training – 2 days

If you have a number of workstation assessment to carry out than CA Ergonomics provides courses in Training the Risk Assessors or in Self-Assessment Training. For more about DSE Assessor Training

DSE User Training – 1/2 Day

Help your employees reduce the risk of ill health and injury from computer use. Ensure they know how to work comfortably with our ergonomist-led DSE User Training. For more on DSE User Training

Ergonomic Seating Assessment

Employee Chair Assessment

Back pain and discomfort from sitting is often the result of inappropriate equipment and seating. For more information on ergonomic advice and Ergonomic Seating Assessments

RSI Musculoskeletal Assessment


If you have employees with signficant health problems, we provide specialist musculoskeletal assessments and ergonomic advice on workplace equipment and layout. Find out more about RSI Training

Pregnant & Working Mothers Assessment

For health assessments that include the pregnant & working mother assessments. Ensure you comply with the regulations and manage the wellbeing of your staff. Contact us

Homeworking Assessments


Many employees are using flexible working hours to work more from home. Make sure they have the right environment for effective and comfortable computer use. Find out more on Home Working Training

DisabilityWorkstation Assessment

For employees with disabilities or RSI we can provide ergonomic assessments for their workstation, their computer equipment, office chairs and work techniques.

RSI/ULD Management

  • RSI prevention & audits
  • RSI management & training
  • Disability Assessments

Workstation Design

  • User Trials
  • Evaluation of office furniture
  • Selection and specificiation of office equipment

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