Computer User Training

Computer User Training

DSE Computer User Training -1/2 Day

Choose from our range of DSE Computer User Training

  • 1. Standard DSE User Training – 1/2 Day
  • 2. Home Working Training
  • 3. Mobile Worker Training or Laptop User Training

Why provide Computer User Training to your organisation

A half day course under the DSE regulations that will provide guidance for your employees on setting-up a computer workstation and using ergonomic principles to make adjustments.

Why choose CA Ergonomics for Ergonomics Training?

  • We are one of the few companies that use qualified and experienced ergonomist to provide DSE training.
  • Our ergonomist have significant hands-on, practical experience of managing RSI and upper limb disorders at work
  • We offer competitive rates on a wide range of ergonomic issues in the workplace.
  • Our courses can be specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of your business

Who would benefit from DSE Computer User Training

Anyone who uses a computer should be aware of the health risks and managers responsible for the health and wellbeing of computer users need to be familiar the the DSE Regs.

  • Office managers
  • New Computer users
  • Health and Safety managers
  • Supervisors

DSE Computer User Training Programme

  • Legal responsibilities under the regulations
  • The structure of the spine and wrist
  • Avoiding aches and pains
  • Causes of eyestrain and headaches
  • Avoiding fatigue and stress
  • Setting up the chair and equipment
  • Work organisation
  • Use of laptops

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Requirements for DSE Training

We would like you to provide a Training Room on-site, with:

  • Appropriate seating for the delegates.
  • A mock workstation comprising: a typical desk with typical office chair. Also a monitor, base unit, keyboard, mouse, mouse mat and telephone, which need not be connected.
  • A white board, flip chart or similar.

Prices for DSE Office Training

Prices from as little as £45/person
A maximum of 12 people per training session
Travel costs to site additional.

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